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5 Breathtaking Yet Affordable Bathroom Art Ideas

It is easy to remodel every other room and forget about the bathroom. After all, all one needs in a bathroom is a working shower, tiles and maybe a mirror. This is, of course, not true at all. There is much more in a bathroom than just the shower, mirrors and tiles. Think of it as your ‘safe’ place. That is a place where you get to relax and while at it, have some introspection. Such a place should be functional yet has a pleasant ambience. That is exactly where bathroom art ideas come into the picture. So the next time you have a home remodeling project, set aside funds for one or two bathroom art pieces. The following options should make your work easy.


The mirror is the best way to fill an empty wall in a creative, artistic way. It is also a smart way of creating an illusion of space in a small bathroom. The only thing you need to be keen at should you go for the mirror option is lighting. Enhanced with proper lights, the reflections created by mirrors in a bathroom will make the area look airy, spacious and comfortable.


Decals are simply stickers that can be used to cover a whole wall with a single pattern. They are more or less like wallpapers.  One good thing about them is how easy it is to place them anywhere, randomly on a wall. They are ideal for families with children for the sole reason that they keep the bathroom interesting. You can have one decal in one month and a different one in another. In short, they are removable and repositionable. It gets better with the fact that you can always get themed bathroom decals.


As conventional as it sounds, tiles can still give your bathroom an artistic aura. With tiles, you have an unlimited choice of patterns, textures, colors and designs. Choosing a design that can meet and even surpass your expectations should therefore be easy. You can choose to go for ‘half way tiling’ where you only tile the bottom half area of your bathroom with tiles and the remaining half with something else. You can also to go for the ‘tiles all over’ option.  Either way, you can be sure of all the perks that come along with the tiles option. Perks such as easy cleaning, protection of walls from dampness and water resistance are all guaranteed.


Children love this option for obvious reasons. Letters simply appeal to them. To make the most out of the option however, one must incorporate it with other art options.  Saying and wise quotes can be inscribed on selected places in the bathroom. Remember though that you will need an expert to inscribe the letters.  You can even ask your bathroom contractor in Etobicoke to work with a calligraphy expert to come up with impressive fonts in an artistic way.


Always go for the wallpaper option if you have a low budget.  Then remember that you can also go for the option even when you have enough money. That is because wallpapers today do not just feature themes. They are also made of hard, durable and sturdy materials. They are also easy to clean. Remember though that it is important to go for vinyl coated wallpapers when it comes to the bathroom. This is because of the high levels of humidity in the bathroom which can easily take a toll on the usual wallpapers used in the living room and bedroom areas.  Vinyl coated wallpapers stand out as the best solution because they are treated with polyvinyl chloride or acrylic vinyl.

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