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5 Things to Consider When Choosing your Kitchen Faucet

Although the purpose and function of a kitchen faucet is to dispense water, a kitchen faucet goes a long way as a key element in defining your kitchen style. It’s quite easy to get surprised with the options that are available while choosing a faucet. Having the right information about the faucet can make choosing easier and below are the points you should consider while making the choice.


Some standard finishes that are available in the market are stainless steel, bronze, nickel, polished brass and brushed nickel. It is important to remember that manufacturers are different and the quality of finishes differ from one another. It is better to purchase your faucet, hand spray and soap dispenser from the same manufacturer to ensure an exact match for all the parts to go together.


When you plan your new kitchen design, do you prefer sleek and contemporary or rustic with a farmhouse feels? These are important things you have to keep in mind because faucet styles range from simple to very detailed. Although it seems like a minor element in your kitchen, it shifts the aesthetics greatly. The options available are endless and you should decide on a style before shopping and if you have the style established you will help narrow down the options. Work with a designer to narrow down what would be the best for your kitchen.


Most faucets use a ceramic disk valve with a stainless-steel base. This particular kind of option is long-lasting and also costs more. Solid brass is a good alternative besides stainless-steel and requires lesser maintenance. Weight is a reliable gauge of quality and hence, faucets from them cost the most.

Their price may be appalling for you, but it’s better to spend for quality instead of using lower-priced faucets that are frequently manufactured with a plastic base and won’t hold up. When you take into account the cost of repair and maintenance later, it eliminates the initial lure of savings by buying low-quality faucets.


There are many different combinations of kitchen sinks and faucet designs to choose from, but they aren’t always compatible with either space or with each other.

If you are choosing to only upgrade the existing kitchen faucet but will be reusing your existing sink, there are a few options I can consider. Firstly, you should check how many mounting holes your sink and faucet currently have. Faucets come in four options: one, two, three or four mounting hold variety. It is important that you know how many you have so you can find the perfect replacement.


Single-handed faucets have the ability to regulate water flow by rotating the handle direction in an up and down motion. Chefs use it frequently since they have only one hand for convenience. The design has a high arch that can be easily accommodated by large pots and pans.

Double handed faucets require at least three minimum holes to be installed. It is a very customizable faucet and the options are a wide array of handle options. There is also an option where you can control the temperature of the water beside its flow. You also have the option of changing the handles independently from your plumbing. It is a choice best for easy style changes.

Sensors activate hands-free faucets. Typically, there is a handle on the side of the faucet that lets you regulate temperature and flow. The main benefit of this faucet is that you don’t need to use your hands. The sensor in the faucet is activated by a motion and that opens the valve. The same sensor also shuts off the valve when the hands are moved away and that helps conserve water. This is a wonderful choice for children and environments for the disabled and people with other medical issues.

The kitchen faucet will determine your kitchen design style. Make sure you consider these elements before choosing your faucet.

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