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6 Tips To Consider When Remodeling A Bathroom For Children

Bathroom remodeling projects can be taxing as far as energy, time and money are concerned. It gets worse where kids are involved. Just how do you remodel their bathroom? How much should you set aside? Who should you contact? There are of course, a few things that should not be compromised. Appeal for instance, should be your priority. That is, do not be boring. Your children will want a bathroom full of color. One should also keep in mind the fact that children grow quickly. Your children’s bathroom should therefore be alluring enough to accommodate different ages and stages.  The following tips should help you come up with a decent bathroom for our kid. But before then, be sure to hire an experienced contractor.

Make The Bathroom Accessible

Children love to try everything on their own. They are usually enthusiastic when it comes to basic hygiene tasks like brushing their teeth. That is if they can reach for the toothbrush or toothpaste without the help of an adult. With that mind, have your contractor design colorful countertops that can be easily accessed by children. One positioned at 28 or 30 inches for 8 year olds and another at 36 inches for 10 year olds, each fitted with its own sizeable sink can go a long way into speeding up your household’s early morning routines. Low countertops are also safer and easy for your kids to clean on their own. Go with a sturdy step stool for a small bathroom.

Keep It Neat

This is where racks come into the picture. Allow plenty of simple to reach storage spaces for bathroom accessories like the soap dish and the shampoo. Include a tub organizer that easily sticks to ceramic with suction cups. You can also add a series of different tiered towel racks. Designate the higher tiers to the grownups and the lower ones for the younger 7 and 8 year olds.


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Take time to choose the best plumbing fixtures for your kid’s bathroom. An under mount sink is for instance, a good idea as it will minimize constant pools of water on the bathroom countertop. A handheld shower is also a good idea. When bath time rolls around, a perfect combination of fun for the young one and convenience for the caregiver will impress you especially when shampooing the little one’s hair. Contact a reliable bathroom contractor in Etobicoke to ensure you end up with a seamless bathroom plumbing system.

Keep In Mind That Kids Will Always Be Kids

Children adore having their own property or as they put it, ‘stuff’. As such, set up an impressive personal space for each child. Be sure to keep an eye on how practical some ideas are. Some ideas may look great on online images but turn out to be accidents waiting to happen. Avoid ceramic and glass tooth care holders. They are ideal for adult bathrooms. When it comes to children, non-breakable options like acrylic are the best you can opt for.

Color Issues

The safest tip here is to maintain a neutral color scheme. That way, you can have an easy time selling your house should you decide to cash in on it. Unfortunately, kids love color and may find your neutral color scheme boring. All you need to do is to add color in small but cleverly chosen touches. For example, paint walls immediately above the tile line. You can also install a backsplash behind the sink in a neutral color like sunshine yellow or beachy aqua. If for one reason or another you are determined to stick with a beige bath or classic white, then rave it up a notch higher with towel holders that can complement beige and white.


Do not compromise safety. Go for non-skid floors not just for the sake of children but for yours as well.  Have small compartments where you can store bathroom cleaners and any other potentially hazardous product. The compartments should always be locked.

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