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7 Different Vanities you can consider for your Bathroom Remodel

Earlier the bathtub and shower were the chief attractions of your bathroom. But now, vanity is becoming the highlight of bathroom renovations. There are many different options and styles available. Ranging from color to storage to space-savings, there are various options you can choose from. Below are many different options that will guide you through the most popular vanity styles to consider for your remodel.


If you feel your bathroom is a little mundane, a much-needed design element is created by providing color boosts. Whether you prefer bold colors or you are color-shy, the bathroom vanity is a terrific place to start. There is no compromise on storage and functionality when choosing the color for your vanity. Even small bathrooms have ample space that a colored vanity can be used without overwhelming.


Everyone loves a tailor-made vanity that fits perfectly into your style and space. If there is plenty of space available, you might want to create a custom vanity for yourself that compliments the floor plan of your bathroom.


There is a classic and aesthetic look offered by a freestanding and washstand vanity. Neither freestanding nor wash stand vanities have any drawers or cabinets and therefore, are not an ideal choice for storage. They are mostly compatible with a guest bathroom that isn’t used as much as the main one.


For a small space, a single vanity can do the job very well. A single vanity is quite big enough to fit a sink of decent size and a little practical storage to keep your vanity-free from any clutter. You can wall mount your vanity and streamline your aesthetic so you can maximize the space.

In the case where you have ample space and can accommodate a larger vanity, a double vanity design is completely worth it. Double sink vanities are perfect to perform morning beauty regimes. Before making a decision on which vanity works best for you, you should figure out the kind of storage that you need and consider all the items that you would place in there. By doing that, you will have the most functional vanity for your space and obtain maximum utility.


Wall mounted vanities are perfect for compact bathrooms. The space underneath the sink gives an airy and spacious look and it is easy to keep clean.


This type is a middle ground for those who don’t have the taste for a wall to wall vanity. If you need a lot of storage, this is the one you should choose. You should look for vanities with deep wide drawers, lots of drawers and open shelving.


There is a great challenge that is faced with designing small bathrooms since their storage and counter space are often scarce. If you have a compact bathroom, or if you’re designing a guest bathroom, a vanity can become the highlight of the room when there is a shortage of space. You can choose a petite or compact vanity that can fit all your necessary needs and without any extra fuss.

You can find a vanity for your bathroom that can meet your needs and compliments your aesthetic. You should consider these popular vanity styles for your next remodel.

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