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Alluring Colors And Ideas For Modern Kitchens With Oak Cabinets

Are you starting on a kitchen makeover project? Maybe you have already decided on oak kitchen cabinets and adding a new kitchen island while thinking of how to paint your walls. There is a small problem though. You do not know which colors can complement and accentuate the beauty of your oak cabinets. It gets worse with the fact that you already have a wide range of options to consider. In short, you are not only confused as to which color you should go for, you are also spoilt for choice. To make your work easier, simply consider the following tips.

The Size Of Your Kitchen

A small kitchen will force you to go for colors that will create an illusion of space. A shade of tan or a pale shade of yellow should therefore suffice. This will first create an illusion of space. It will then give your room a welcoming mood. For larger kitchen areas, go for darker shades. Shades of blue and purple are for instance, good options. They will give your kitchen a cozy feeling.

The Type of Oak

Most kitchen remodeling contractors in Etobicoke will allow you to choose oak cabinets from at least two types of oak. Your choice should determine the color of your kitchen walls. Light hued cabinets will always call for darker colors on the wall. Darker stained oak cabinets on the other hand will call for lighter wall colors. Be keen when it comes to honey colored cabinets though. They often pose a challenge when it comes to choosing colors that can blend well with other areas like the floor and the kitchen island. With that in mind, go for pastel shades on your wall anytime you go for honey colored oak cabinets. Go for slate gray walls or chocolate brown walls if you settle on java oak cabinets.

Shades Of Green

Green is by far the safest color to go for anytime you feel confused as to what color you should go for just about any kitchen area. It works well for aesthetic reasons. Remember though that for stained oak cabinets, deep shades of green always form a good blend. You can choose to add golden accents to create a more appealing look. Blue green shades also work blend well with light colored cabinets. Not so with darker shades. For them, stick to lighter shades such as mint green, pastel green or pale green. Then if your oak cabinets are a shade of orange, go for shades of green that feature tinges of blue. For oak cabinets with yellow, the best you can do is settle on shades like sage or even green with hints of gray.

Red Options

Red is always a tricky color. One rule applies here as far as kitchen remodeling is concerned. Red should never be used to cover a whole area on its own. Your cabinet interiors or even doors should not feature red as a sole color. Go for terracotta reds for cabinet door frames. Blend them with greens and yellows. The blend appeals to the senses with ease. It also has a positive effect on one’s appetite.

Other Colors

People hardly consider colors like gold or copper. The two colors are however breathtakingly beautiful especially when it comes to plain and stained oak cabinets. Gold is for instance, the best option to go for if you go for tangerine walls. Copper on the other hand blends well with different shades of white.

Be sure to go for oil based paints whichever colors you go for. You won’t have to worry about stains as you can always wipe eyesores on them with a wet cloth. They are also easy to add a coat on.

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