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Ideas For Bathroom Layout Planning

When designing your bathroom, one of the key elements is to look beyond the space. Will the style go well with the rest of your property? Remember, the process of matching bathroom elements together doesn’t need to be boring. However, if doorknobs and other things in the house are oil-rubbed bronze and you select nickel for a space bathroom, the transformation can be distracting.

The concept of mis-matched elements applies to color as well, i.e. you choose a color that’s drastically different from the natural color of the room. If the walls of the master suite are in a cheery yellow color and you get a burgundy color bathroom, the jarring comparison will create a choppy feel, not the easy changeover you may be after. If you don’t plan on renovating the bedroom and changing the colors, you should ensure that the current bathroom design goes well with the rest of the house.

Bathroom Planning: What You Ought To Know

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As you take into account the layout of your bathroom, consider benefit of every configuration for plumbing fixtures and cupboards. Be certain that the tub you choose will be the right size for the space. Determine also whether you will want a tub within your shower. Remember, when planning for space, it is about you. In the bathroom, the design must offer a space that can grow with age.

Practical Zoning 

By organizing areas around a central space, you offer the bathroom a lot of open space regardless of its size. While kitchen areas apply a tried-and-true work triangle, there is absolutely no exact prescription to find the best bathroom design. Room planning depends on your way of life and how you use the space. Do be mentally prepared to face a potentially high cost of assembling your project if you must alter your domestic plumbing to accommodate your new design.


If there is one room in the house that really must air out, it is the bathroom. Beyond ushering out odors, vents provide the critical function of allowing damp air from the room. Whenever a bathroom is not properly vented, structural damage to the house can happen.

Bathroom Regulations

  • Electrical Installations

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. You might find strict regulations regarding where and how you install electric equipment in bathrooms. Metallic pipes also carry electricity, thus the plumbing system must be grounded with grounding clamps.

  • Waste Tube Installations

Changing or installing a new bathroom waste tubes might involve making a new link to your home’s main ground drain.

Try Drawing Out Your Plan On Paper 

To gain a feeling of the space, you can draw your bathroom layout simply by getting a small graph paper and sketching the design and size of your bathroom. Include any kind of windows, doorways, sloping ceilings, alcoves, etc.

A good suggestion is to leave enough room around each item that you may need to access. Knowing what kind of shower door you have chosen depends on what space is needed. For instance, a pivot shower door will need minimal space to allow for the door to swing, a walk-in shower won’t need room for any door to open but still will require enough room for one to access the enclosure.

Design a Bathroom That Grows With You

Your bathroom remodels ought to last for some time. When you will need to upgrade the decoration (color, shower curtain, bath towels and other accessories), you do not want to remodel the ground plan for five and even a decade after you this renovation.

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