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How To Make A Large Bathroom Look Stylish

Your bathroom is just as important as any part of your house. After all, it is in this spot where you get to refresh yourself after a day’s work. It can also be a haven for those of you looking for a perfect room where you can spend hours relaxing while rejuvenating. When seeking the help of bathroom remodelling contractors in Etobicoke to work on your large bathroom, you might want to discuss elements that can make the space look stylish.

The good thing about having a large bathroom is the fact that possibilities when remodelling are limitless. That does not mean though that you can just add any element you want without thinking about the final outcome. Stylish and functional large bathrooms aren’t hard to achieve; just check out the following tips.

Combine calm with bold colours

Basic calm colours like grey and white will never go wrong in a large bathroom. They are the best go-to colours if you want your bathroom to meet your style. But of course, there is nothing wrong if you combine some subtle hints of bolder colours like green, blue or red into the space. Choosing colours that blend well with your house’s interior and those that highlight your personal style will be a good place to start.

Add functional bathroom accessories

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Since your space is big, it will be easy to add the most functional bathroom accessories you can ever think of. You can start with soap holders, and toilet paper holders then go for towel racks to finish everything up. These are very basic items that you should never miss out on if you want to add style to your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities should be added as a focal point

Large bathroom spaces will never do without any bathroom vanity inside them. In order to add style to your bathroom with this piece of ‘furniture’, you can simply go for bathroom vanities that go well with all other furniture décor in your bathroom. There are vanity sets out there that include accessories with the purchase of the vanity. Adding an armoire to provide more storage space for your bathroom essentials will surely be welcomed in this space.

Why not include a seating area inside?

There are times when you just want to seek solace inside the bathroom. It does not mean that you just have to go there when you want to take a bath. Others have made large bathrooms more functional by using the area for reading their favourite books or just to simply forget about what is happening in the outside world. A chaise lounge will be a simple addition to a large space. You can also have several seats inside with a small table where you can put your stuff if you want.

Make the room bigger and airy

You can do this by just focusing on your lighting options. Natural light can come in if you decide to have larger windows in your bathroom. You can also have ceiling lamps that you can highlight. Achieve an amazing effect in your bathroom by adding accent lighting to your shower area, bathtub or vanity. Make the space even look more stylish by adding a chandelier in your bathroom.

Full-length mirrors can be stylish too

What is better than having full-length mirrors inside your bathroom? If you have a large space then you can easily complement the space with a large mirror. You can go for mirrors with accents that blend well with all other fixtures in the bathroom or you can have a simple one installed on a vacant wall within the space.

Go for ornamental plants

If you are looking for decorative items that can add style to your large bathroom space then ornamental plants are surely great choices to have. Make sure you go for plants and flowers that adapt well in humid areas. Artificial plants can be good too if you do not have the time to take care of an indoor live plant.

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