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Remodeling A Sizeable Bathroom?

Remodeling a medium sized bathroom can be a hard task, especially if you want to come up with an impression of larger space. You will have to find a way to fit all your bathroom accessories in the small space and avoid clutter without tampering or compromising your bathroom’s functionality. To turn such ideas into realty, consider the following tips.

Draw up a plan

Whether you choose to do everything yourself or hire bathroom remodeling professionals, drawing up a plan is a must.  The plan will save you time and money as it will enable you to know beforehand exactly what you will need for the project. Start out by collecting bathroom design ideas from magazines or blogs. Then take your time to figure out if the ideas will work on your bathroom.

Save space

Go for sliding doors instead of the common hinged ones.  Like you will find out, glass doors that usually slide into inbuilt wall cavities do not need extra space, unlike conventional doors that need swinging space. What’s more, sliding doors are trendy. You can also consider attaching door hooks that can fold down flat when in the wall cavity. Apart from looking stylish and saving space, the hooks can be used to hand bathroom accessories like towels, bathing nets and even your clothes.

Consider shelves

You will need a place to store your toiletries and undergarments. That’s where wash basins with shelves underneath come into the picture. The shelves will go a long way to help you store not just the said toiletries and undergarments but also cosmetics, toothpastes and soaps.

Ditch the bathtub

Most homeowners consider it a luxury but it never is if you have limited space. It is a space devourer , so go for the shower instead.  While at it, go for a shower cubicle with curved sides. Then cordon the shower with bright curtains that complement your bathroom floor and wall tiles.

Prioritize Safety

Talk of safety and bathroom in the same sentence and the first thing one will think of is the risk of slipping. The risk is real. It gets worse where one has children using the bathroom with adults. Fortunately, it is a risk you should never be worried about. Non-skid floors can easily save the day. Wooden or bamboo floors for the bathroom are also ideal. They may not be popular but they are safer compared to marble and cement.

Be keen too on issues such as wiring. The thumb rule here to make sure your bathroom wiring is done by a professional. Any naked wire can easily mean disaster.

Color Scheme

Aqua blue stands out as the best color for bathrooms. You can go against the norm though, and settle for more vibrant colors like sunny yellow or tangerine. Be more creative though where children are involved.  Waterproof bathroom wallpapers can be used. The goal is to make sure the bathroom makes bath sessions with your children fun.


Lighting your bathroom may sound easy.  But it is not. As a matter of fact, it is one of the hardest projects you will ever embark on especially if you have a large modern home. Chandeliers, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and even natural lights are all examples of your lighting options.

Always go for affordable options that can last for long. Retrofit lighting fixtures are for instance, ideal for smaller bathrooms. They can be fixed on insulated ceilings. Unfortunately, they do not emit ample light because you will need hundreds of them. Track lights on the other hand are ideal for those who do not wish to have natural sunlight. Consider your options well then have a bathroom renovation contractor in Etobicoke advise you on the way forward.

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